Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! Do you have any fears while traveling? You know, things that you worry about that might cause you anxiety. Can you share some of those please? Sincerely~Many Fears

Hi Many Fears! I wouldn’t be the Unnerved Traveler if I didn’t have several things that cause me to be in a constant state of high alert when traveling! I will share a few that are the biggest concern for me personally and a few that others have shared as well. Hope these are helpful to you!

I am always concerned about the possibility of being sexually assaulted by men. The first thing I do during hotel check in is ask the local women if it is safe to roam alone or best in groups. We know going as a group is always best, but at times traveling requires some solo movements. While women and children should always be safe, that is an unrealistic view of the world we live in. Frequently I alter what I wear, sticking with a more conservative choice, despite wanting to go out in a spaghetti tank and bright red lipstick. How about you ladies? Do you alter your style of dress based on a travel fear? Drop a comment and add to the discussion. 

I am always terrified about smiling and laughing with someone in polite conversation that might be misconstrued as flirting. I love to smile and laugh, and while traveling I chat with random strangers which is something I don’t do often at home. People have gotten angry and very disrespectful when polite interaction was interpreted as interest. Getting cursed out for not wanting to give someone your phone number should never happen, so now I limit my smiles and keep the chatter to a minimum. How about you ladies? Do you make adjustments to how you interact with strangers for fear of disrespectful responses? Drop a comment and let’s chat! 

I have heard many women say they do not travel with jewelry of any value, always costume or something they are ok with losing. I agree with them completely, I no longer wear chains, for the fear of one being snatched because it might be misinterpreted as expensive. Being robbed is not an experience we want to have as a travel memory if possible. If you had an experience being robbed while traveling drop a comment and let us know the tips that keep you safe moving forward!

Safe Travels~Nyri

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