Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! I keep hearing about people having hotel disaster stories, this has not been my experience, can you share any light on this subject?

Sincerely~Hotel Horrors 

Dear Hotel Horrors! 

I am happy to share one of my worst, but if you think about it, this one is pretty funny after a moment of reflection! Be careful when you book hotels in major cities and the price seems too good to be true. I’m pretty sure a pimp was outside my room sizing me up to be his bottom bitch from the doorway of the room next door.

A woman pulling hard on a Virginia Slims smiled shyly and the tingle in my stomach told me to hack up a lung! I had been very sick, I was sure with a bad case of the flu, but dammit I wasn’t gonna miss my transfer to Hawaii the next morning. After hacking while opening my door, I quickly locked it, saw the windowpane in the back was broken and I prayed he couldn’t slide in.

I didn’t sleep a wink and was up at 6 on the first shuttle to the airport with some of the strangest looking people and a monsoon type rain that began as soon as we were dropped off at the Hawaiian Air terminal. I found a comfy spot, propped my feet up on my suitcase, and that was my home until my flight at 4pm.

Note to solo travelers, if you have to walk down a side alley in Los Angeles to find your room, you might be in the midst of some suspicious activity! Hope you enjoyed this unnerved travel moment from Nyri, stay safe! 

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