Dear Nyri I’m Unnerved, I’m looking for a fun catamaran activity while in Jamaica, but with such a plethora of companies how do I choose?

Sincerely~Indecisive in Jamaica

Dear Indecisive in Jamaica 🇯🇲

Girl! Why aren’t you using a TA (travel agent)? They are your best bet to start because they would have gotten feedback from previous travelers. But if you are taking this challenge on your own, here are a few tips! 1. start with the reviews of the location. 2. Does the company provide hotel pickup? 3. Narrow the options based on your desired budget. 4. Find a few companies that fall into this category and see what the customers have to say about the experience.

Remember a few bad reviews is normal, things happen, but if it’s consistent find another company. Hope these tips were helpful and safe travels! Nyri

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