Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! I saw a trip suggestion to do a Downton Abbey Tour, I’m a fan of the show but this seems a bit pricey to me, any tips?

Sincerely~Frustrated Fan

Dear Frustrated Fan! 

You are a woman of my own heart, I am a true lover of all things Downton Abbey. I would say that if you can afford the trip and you want to go, take it! The Biltmore in Asheville had a Downton exhibit during the winter and I absolutely loved the experience. The opportunity to see the set and the costumes made me feel like I could sit and enjoy tea in the servants hall with Carson, or sit and chat with Mrs Patmore as she screamed at Daisy preparing the evening meal. So treat yourself to something special and have a ball! 

Hope this helps, and safe travels~Nyri 

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