Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! I am taking my first trip to the Middle East and I’m worried about day to day dress, religion, customs and courtesies.

Can you help? Sincerely~First Trip

Dear First Trip! 

No need to worry, this is something you can research online before going or ask your travel agent to provide you with some resources. From personal experience, I would suggest conservative dress, no exposed skin, carry a pretty scarf and make sure you cover your head if required in sacred religious locations. Depending on the country women may not travel without male escorts, so make sure you stay with your group and abide by the rules given. My guides did an excellent job at making sure all travelers were briefed prior to visiting locations that may have specific rules. They also ensured that everyone felt comfortable and welcome.

As a rule I always aim to respect the norms of the locals, it makes the trip much more enjoyable, and at times you simply blend in with everyone else. Hope these tips help, and I know you will have a fantastic trip!

Safe travels~Nyri 

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