Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! Do you have any suggestions for how to build relationships with students overseas?

I’m a teacher contemplating applying for a job in Asia, but I have never traveled out of the country. Any suggestions on how to build relationships with students? I am worried about the cultural differences and I want to be prepared.

Sincerely~Traveling Teacher

Dear Traveling Teacher!

This warms my heart as an educator, parent and traveler! You have already succeeded in my opinion, because you have shown that you care before you have even applied for the position. One thing students always know is an adult who is genuine about their intentions. Do a bit of research on the customs and courtesies, dominant religion, language and dialects, and of course food. Learning the basic greetings is always respected wherever you go, and students are no different than the adults, they will be amazed at your efforts. Please try not to stress about this new chapter in your life, simply enjoy it for everything that it will teach you as an educator! Best of luck, and please send me an update on how it’s going with your new students!

Safe Travels~Nyri

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