Airman Nyri H Rhodes

The customs and courtesies of military life change how you respond to normal daily interactions. Gone are the days of using first names, and unless you build a friendship, many you cross paths with will address you by your last name only. A person’s rank is important, don’t forget to show them their earned respect. Standing when high ranking staff enter the room, traditionally men, but you feel a twinge of pride when they aren’t. Order and routine have become your normal, and the girl who had spark and personality, is terrified of making an error in judgement or forgetting something in this new environment. Life as Airman Rhodes has become the newest challenge, throw in a dysfunctional relationship that you thought was love, freezing temperatures, loneliness, and the loss of many friendships. Never change who you are to make anyone feel better about the person they think you need to be. In this you begin to lose parts of yourself slowly and the girl you loved begins to disappear.

Much love from the brown girl, sharing stories of life for Blogtober. Please keep writing, I promise you, someone is always reading! Enjoy

Airman Rhodes~The Unnerved Traveler

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