Blogtober Short Story # 9

I must feed these flames, those burning the space in my chest between my ribs, I must fuel this beast, and wrath is the only food worth eating. Soft tears drop from her cheeks, she stares at a comb as she loosens the plaits in her hair. The silver that decorates her hairline has thinned, strands pulled during the hottest part of the day.  Another dish sails across the kitchen, smashing against the wall, then another, the angry steps on the wooden floor rattle the China cabinet. In seconds, it’s contents scattered into shards, it’s owner continues to allow the tears to fall from her face, silent, ashamed. 

Much love from the brown girl, sharing short stories for Blogtober! Keep writing, even if no one is reading ❤️

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler

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