My Favorite

Blogtober Short Story Entry # 8

His laughter was infectious, that and his deeply dimpled cheeks is what the ladies loved, including me. Nobody had more fun, cooked a better pot of curry stew chicken, and always brewed coffee full of nutmeg and cinnamon. It was the aroma that woke me up daily, and had me slightly buzzing from the caffeine before I turned 16. Though she didn’t say it, he was the favorite, granny loved all her children, but Uncle G was her heart beating. 

Until today I never saw the resemblance, we were a family of deep cheeked smiles, dimples and full lips, unruly thick wavy hair, aggressive eyebrows. Until today I never questioned why grandpa left when he arrived, and cursed granny with such vile, it left her shaking. After today, I will never be the same, and everything I’ve known about who I am, has changed. He, Uncle Garth is my father, she, my older sister Joann, my mother….

Much love from the brown girl, sharing short stories for Blogtober! Keep writing, even if no one is reading ❤️

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler

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