Travel Insurance Concerns

Concern~I think travel insurance is just a way for you to make more money, nobody ever uses it.

Solution~Travel insurance is just as important as car or medical insurance. We never plan for a disaster, but they happen. If you have invested a thousand dollars on a trip, why not spend 50 dollars ensuring that if you have a medical emergency, you can receive treatment and get home if needed? If your flight is canceled, you miss a portion of your trip, you catch covid, a hurricane delays your cruise. All these are reasons, and you will receive a refund, if you don’t have insurance, you won’t. The goal is not for me to make an additional profit from your trip, it’s to make sure you have the support needed in any situation that interrupted your vacation.

Concern~How many times have you ever needed travel insurance? Or even used it when you were traveling?

Solution~I learned a valuable lesson about travel insurance in Jamaica while cruising. I was stung by a wasp and I’m highly allergic, my left side of my face was swollen and by the time I arrived back on the ship to the infirmary my eye was swollen shut. The first question the doctor asked was if I had travel insurance in case I needed to be hospitalized. My answer was no! After expressing his concern about my eye, giving me a shot to help with the allergic reaction, he told me this was the exact reason why I should never travel without the added protection of travel insurance. I had to pay out of pocket 150 dollars for the shot and additional medications 85 dollars for the doctors visit, all of that would have been covered including my trip to the hospital if needed, by my travel insurance that was an additional 75 dollars when I purchased my trip.

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