Is Having Medical Coverage Enough?

Concern~I have medical insurance, I’ve checked, it’s good in other countries.

Solution~Yes that might be correct, but depending on where you are in the world, they might not have any idea how to “bill” your insurance provider if medical care is needed. Also, you may not be near a hospital, and might need to be airlifted. You may also be in a country with a language barrier and they are not even sure if they have the resources to help, what do you do then? Travel insurance covers you no matter where you are, don’t risk your health or your investment in yourself to save a few dollars, in an emergency situation, it’s more than money well spent.

How do you feel? Do you travel with just your medical insurance or do you add the layer of protection when traveling? Drop a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Is Having Medical Coverage Enough?”

  1. Travel insurance seems to be the way to go! I don’t get it all the time because my husband says, “That’s why we pay Blue Cross. They will take care of it!” However, I’ve started doing my research on getting care while abroad before we leave to help make those decisions. Additionally, I make sure I have the U.S.Embassy contact numbers and names of reps. While preparing to go to the Dominican Republic, I found out that if you get sick while you are there, they will pay for all of your medical care! That made me feel a little better…


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