Foodie Friday Feature ~A Great Crab House in Tampa!

Harpoon Harry’s Crab House

Sometimes doing a quick search as you are driving to see what is in the area results in a jackpot! Harpoon Harry’s Crab House sits on the corner of Franklin Street a 5 minute walk from the Tampa convention center and river walk. Stop in and start your meal with a delicious plate of fresh raw oysters or deep fried conch fritters. Need something refreshing and light to cool down on this hot summer day? The Raspberry Fleur is delicate for those of us who are light drinkers, and almost too pretty to sip! If you aren’t looking for a heavy meal and you love sushi, give the Tampa Hot Roll a try! But if you need a meal that sticks to your bones, The Crab Stuffed Shrimp (not pictured) is my recommendation, but ask for it to be served with mashed potatoes versus the pasta that it’s dressed with.

Server Review~Eugenio our server was friendly, attentive, and confirmed our selections were good choices as well as a few of his favorites. He also made the suggestion after our meal that we might have enjoyed the shrimp with potatoes. Our drinks stayed full, we never needed napkins and our food was served hot, fresh and with a bright smile and comedic banter. Make sure you tip him well!

Restroom Review~Many times how clean a restroom is dictates how well a review I write for a restaurant, Harpoon Harry’s gets 5 out of 5 stars. Both were clean, beautifully designed with long doors for privacy and fully stocked with soap and paper towels. As you exit, make sure you take a few moments to look up and enjoy the deep decor of wood that is shined and displayed on three levels. This restaurant is huge! I can only imagine the vibe post covid with the bar packed, the upstairs full and the main lobby jumping with half drunk and hungry customers. So if you ever find yourself in Tampa near the river walk, needing a nice meal and a clean bathroom, drop into Harpoon Harry’s Crab House ask to be seated in Eugenio’s section, and don’t forget to tell them The Unnerved Traveler sent you!! Much ❤️

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