The Best Quick Ice Cream Stop in Tampa

Bright Ice~505 Water Street

I know its hot outside and many of you simply run from dairy because you then run to the bathroom! I have the same problem, I can admit it, no shame here! I am not sure what is different about the ingredients at Bright Ice but I will tell you, I had a large scoop of coffee with Khalua, and I roamed around in the sun for the next few hours stress and bubble gut free!

If you are just chillin and relaxing on the river, walk through the Marriot and cool off for a second in that high priced air conditioning, walk outside to the front and on the side of the main entrance you will see the sign. The ladies inside were happy to give you an explanation and sample of all the flavors before you made your selection as well and recommend their favorites. In a word, deliciousness and no attack on my digestive system!

Check them out and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram @brighticeisnice and check out the full menu of flavors at As always, when you drop in, tell them The Unnerved Traveler sent you.

Are you an ice cream lover? What is your favorite flavor? Drop a comment and let me know! Much Love ❤️

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