A Rant!

I’m Unnerved

Sometimes people are angry simply because what broke them didn’t break you. They envy your strength to face the most awful situations and keep enjoying life with a smile in your face. Not that these situations didn’t shatter your self esteem, cause moments of self doubt, periods of depression, but you kept trying. It’s our responsibility to wake up every fucking day and try to make it better than the last. No, that doesn’t always happen, but continue to do the best and carry on!

I don’t post social media content because I give two shits about who reads it, I post for me. For years I was terrified to write about all of the things I enjoy and some of the ugly truths I experienced, this is me giving the middle finger to my fears. Yes it’s great when people read, comment and most important, learn something and are inspired to travel. But let’s be clear, I do this for myself and my only competition is the 17 year old girl looking back at me in the mirror!

Much love and what or who are you giving a middle finger today?

The Unnerved Traveler ❤️

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