For The Best View of Lightning in Tampa Bay

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bayshore

So in my quest to be a true support to The Unnerved Travel customers, every time I stay in a hotel I’ll write up a full, honest review of the experience. This is for the benefit of YOU, the traveler paying their money. So let’s start with the views!!!!!

The Grand Hyatt is in the best location possible if you are looking for the tranquil view of Old Tampa Bay, and how the sky illuminates during a lightning storm. You want a room with a full bay view! Yes it’s an extra cost, but you can leave the curtains open, sit on your bed and watch nature work during summer storm season as cloud to ground lightning blazes across the angry skies!

An early sunrise and happy skies greet you in the morning, grab a cup of coffee or tea, cozy up in the complementary robe and slippers as you enjoy this view!

The Property and Grounds

A mere 5 minute drive from the airport, and the international mall, tropical grounds greet you in the courtyard as well as an active and hard working concierge. Check in is simple, a well stocked convince store with extremely high prices which is to be expected, has everything you could have possibly forgotten at home. If you will be staying a few days, ask for a microwave and they will gladly bring one to your room.

I was a bit unnerved by the room, the furniture seems a bit mismatched and dated for a hotel with such a modern lobby and beautifully landscaped grounds. While the room was clean, I noticed much of the furniture was worn and it was obviously in need of repair or replacing. My attention to small details is impeccable thanks to my active duty years. Yes the bed was very comfortable, but the duvet was dingy and for some reason at night I fell into fits of excessive sneezing that seemed to subside after I woke up and left the room each morning.

The food options were decent, but being in the heart of Tampa, why would you eat overpriced hotel restaurant food? I do suggest you enjoy your grab and go breakfast or an evening smoke on the back patio overlooking the pool, it’s a great spot to watch the transitions of the sun and unwind after a hectic day.

If you fancy a bit of nature, take a stroll on the trail that leads to the gazebo that doesn’t overlook the ocean because it’s blocked by trees so why is it there? But the walk is lovely, and you get a great view of the bay and it’s wildlife as the tides are out. Be careful and try not to do this walk at dusk, the mosquitoes are ready to terrorize you and spiders hide in plain sight waiting for that one visitor that thinks it’s a good idea to take a nighttime walk to gaze at the stars.

The signs alert you that alligators are in the area, it’s not a joke, this is Florida and we are invading their backyard, don’t fall victim because you weren’t paying attention.

For my travelers who need to get in a morning run or an evening jog, don’t fret, the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail is picked up not even a half mile from the hotel, but be careful, the road has a steep curve and is two way in parts and drivers aren’t always paying attention because they are watching this the ocean view, stay safe.

I’m not going to grade the Grand Hyatt on a scale, I’ll just say for the price, the amenities, view, airport proximity and location make up for the average decor in the rooms. Would I stay here again? Most definitely, but not on a weekend because the price almost doubles and I’m just not down with paying twice the price for anything!

So next time you are in Tampa looking for a spot to enjoy a bit of luxury, and lightning, check out The Grand Hyatt, it’s worth a night or two even without the much needed room renovation! Enjoy

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