Airport Outrage

I’m Highly Unnerved!
Can someone explain because I’m still trying to grasp how a side of fries is $9.50 at the Airport. Don’t get me wrong, I am not cheap, I understand when you sit down in an airport restaurant for a quick drink you are paying for the convenience, the window view of flights, wait staff. Trust me, I get it! But how the hell can you charge a person 10 dollars for frying the equivalent of 1 potato? I know restaurants need to recoup, I see the covid tax on my receipt, and I am happy to tip at 25 percent for excellent service. What I will not do, is pay 10 dollars for another potato!

From here on out The Unnerved Traveler is walking with a bag of plain Lays in her backpack, that’s a minimum of two potatoes 😉

Much ❤️

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