A Bit of Germany in Texas!

Welcome to Fredericksburg

It’s Wandering Wednesday!

Where are you heading? How about a quick drive over to Fredericksburg for some German delights! Germany was one of my favorite trips, I love the scenery filled with lush green hills, it’s close proximity to other countries, the quaint villages and of course the food! You will find exactly that in Fredericksburg Texas. Founded by German settlers in the 1800’s this area is filled with a deep history starting with its native people, how the land was acquired from them, to its present day thriving winery scene that rivals Napa as a close second. You will find a collection of restaurants, museums, bakery’s, candle shops, endless clothing stores and historical monuments.

Sadly on the day of my visit there was a major power outage, and it was also freezing cold. Though my exploration was cut short, I did get the opportunity to see the sights, eat a great meal and make note that this is a city I would definitely make a return trip for a wine tour.

Do you look for areas in other states that take you back to a favorite country? Drop a comment and let me know!

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