Relaxation, Red Wine & Ribs!

The Salt Lick

Sunday’s should always be full of relaxation, red wine, and ribs, you tell me a better combo, I’ll wait…..

Head out to The Salt Lick! Not only will you taste some of the best in Texas BBQ, but you can check out the ranch that serves as a winery as well. This was such a pleasant foodie find, about a 45 minute drive outside of San Antonio in the town of Driftwood. BYOB (bring your own booze) or purchase a lil something when you pull up. Texas as I would soon uncover, is known for its wine as well as winery’s, so ladies and gents all will be happy with this location.

Looking to make this a family outing? No worries, bring those unruly kiddies, there is plenty of room at the Kids Ranch to keep them busy while you wait on a table. Not feeling indoor dining? Order curbside pickup and walk over to the picnic area to eat and enjoy some live music while you social distance. This would be perfect for a first date, or maybe a last one if your partner can’t relax and enjoy this scene.

The BBQ was well seasoned, full of that smoky kick that meat smoked low and slow should possess. I ordered the Thurman’s Choice (brisket, ribs, sausage)because I wanted to try a bit of everything, usually I show up for sausage, baked beans and slaw. A jalapeño is necessary, don’t ask me why, and the table will include pickles, sliced white onions and rolls. The potato salad isn’t what you see at the family cook out, and the beans aren’t sweet, a hit of vinegar is what I’m used to in coleslaw, but each side was a compliment to the meat, and while different, delicious just the same. Sauce of three different heat levels and flavors is on the table, I’m usually a sauce girl, but it wasn’t needed. For my sweet tea lovers, it’s an option to wash this big meal down, and trust me you gonna need that refill!!

Head outside and walk around a bit after you eat, but first take a peek inside the smokehouse and thank the gentlemen who are sweating to keep the wait staff serving. I don’t need to tell you to leave a good tip, you know that’s a motto I live by! Drive up, drop in, stay a while and don’t forget to tell them Unnerved Traveler sent you!

You know all the best travel information is brought at your pleasure by The Unnerved Traveler! Stay Tuned

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