Foodie Find

Ida Claire~San Antonio

Ida’s Biscuits

Let’s start with a big ass Texas breakfast and these biscuits that crumble lightly and melt as you smother them with jam. You want a real moment of transformation, spoon some of that bacon gravy on it and watch your life improve. Yea yea yea, all you anti pork folk can chillax, I eats what I wants on the road so I can write about it, and this my friends is an appetizer! If you crave a mimosa, they have several options, but if you want coffee, tell them it needs to be searing hot! My coffee was lukewarm and caused me to suffer a slight moment of annoyance. The waitress was very accommodating and brought me a fresh French press to the table.

Fried Chicken

Order the fried chicken, the crunch alone had me avoiding the meat, the coating was everything. Well seasoned, light spice, and so fresh from the grease it burned my fingers. The pimento Mac n Cheese complimented the meal perfectly and the greens on the side were dotted with fresh moist feta. This is a lunch portion but I had enough leftover for a full meal at dinner. The outside patio is an amazing space, but inside was open as well if you don’t desire the shade of trees. Covid protocols were in place, adequate spacing, and the restaurant was spotless.

Drop in early, they get busy quickly, and don’t forget to tell them @Unnerved Traveler sent you!! Much Love

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