Social Beach Distancing

For all those wondering how you “social distance” on the beach. Please stay your ass in your car section and I will stay in mine. No we will not be sharing a beer unless you have an extra can, and I do not want your cell phone to “snap” a picture so you can post it.

True Story~So I had a lady roll up and say “I’m the cleanest person you will ever meet, I don’t have COVID, I swear, can you take a picture of me with my new phone, I don’t know how to use it”. I guess for some reason I was wearing my approachable expression and she felt safe, I’ve been trying to give off “stay clear” vibes but it’s not working. Poor thing, she didn’t know I have a reputation of spraying my own child with Lysol, and how does you telling me you do not have COVID help? How about I take a picture with my camera and text it to you, that way we protect each other.

Travel Etiquette~Now is NOT the time to ask people to snap pics, get a selfie stick, you can find them at the Dollar Tree, and if by chance you find a kind soul that says yes, limit the pose changes to two.

Thank you very much for your kindness and consideration as we deal in these unprecedented times 😏

Much Love!

Highly Unnerved

2 thoughts on “Social Beach Distancing”

  1. Ha! I thought I was the only one who sprayed my child with Lysol! I’m with ya Unnerved Ny. After her first local BLM protest, I met mine on the porch and disinfected her before entering and walked her to the bathroom for showering without touching or hardly breathing on anything. Social Beach Distancing sounds about right to me. Be considerate of those around you. This pandemic is NOT over. Peace and love to you.

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