I Don’t Want To Travel Safely

Tales From A Brown Girl, Traveling The World, Trying to Make Something Beautiful

Let me explain! I don’t want to travel safely so I will keep my passport stampless at the moment. Everything I love about traveling is impossible during a pandemic, so I will keep my money in my pocket and wait. Though I am a shy person, I enjoy the smiles of wonder at random strangers while experiencing something new. Many places I have waited to experience, I don’t want to do it with a mask on, terrified that if someone breathes in my direction I might be on the fast track to possible certain death. Nah, ill wait and keep it local. After reading the many blogs, listening to vlogs, and seeing Instagram postings about travel, while I want to provide revenue to the places in need, I want to respect the safety of the citizens. It also seems nerve racking all of the steps that must be taken simply to spend a few days in a location that you cant completely explore.

Testing, quarantining, re-testing, quarantining, testing again, sanitizing, mask on. I would sooner rent an air B and B and stay put on a beach for 14 days being soothed by the ocean, no exploring but that is ok, serenity and food. But I even question that, have they cleaned to my standards? Did I walk in and get a slight dizzy spell from the toxins of bleach? If not, I’ll spend the next two days cleaning, so we’re back at square one! I’ll stay home and keep it local, while the world gets its shit together! But I’m not judging you for traveling, trust me, I get it!

Have you been out traveling? Drop a comment and tell me about your experiences.

Ny~Unnerved Traveler

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