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Trini Spice Cuisine and Events

Trini Spice Cuisine & Events

If you see a sign on the side of the road and it’s an arrow pointing that says roti, bust a quick U turn and pull up! I never look for my favorite Trini treats in Tampa because I’m always eating something else, but I came across this page via another site and decided to check it out on my way back from yet another airport pick up. While I expected a small restaurant, what I found was the cutest food truck set up. The area was clean, well organized, sanitized and had a few seats under the tent for those of us who are simply desperate to shove hot curry in our mouths given the opportunity.

Trish the friendly owner, quickly crushed my heart when she told me doubles, aloo pies, pholorie and a few of my other delights are sold on Saturday mornings. Thursday is the roti special, so curry chicken roti it is!! And who orders roti and doesn’t take one home to share? Trish quickly let us know the wait will be about 15-20 minutes because she makes everything fresh, and my ears couldn’t have been happier! Fresh, hot roti, no worries at all, we waiting! Soca music fills the lot, as we all continue to face the reality that this week has passed and for the first time in our lives, Trinidad didn’t see a carnival in the traditional sense, but filled with such gratitude for the artists who filled our minds with music as our hearts continued to beat with the spirit of carnival that lives within. Grab a cold Solo from the cooler, let the aromas soothe you, mouth water as you await…….

You know the roti is sheer perfection when you don’t realize your hands are burning from the steam, your mouth from the pepper, and you keep eating, not a word spoken but a smile on your face as you chew. Perfect marriage of flavors, and just enough curry not to send you running home to the bathroom (we all know this can happen, why not warn the readers). For my vegetarian and vegan friends, you have the option of pumpkin with channa and aloo (chickpeas and potato), add a touch of pepper sauce, though it’s not needed, but some of us like it hot, end enjoy! Make sure you wipe down the space where you ate for the next customer, and leave a nice tip!

Follow @Trini Spice Cuisine and Events (4022 Orient Rd, Tampa Fl) on Facebook and @Trinispice813 on Instagram for her daily specials. You can also preorder at 813-215-8127 and pay. This is highly recommended on Saturdays, they often sell out of the brunch favorites quickly.

Hope you enjoy as much as I have, and if you’ve never tried Trini food, what the hell are you waiting on!!! Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, reppin the culture I love, and trying to make something beautiful 🇹🇹

Trini Spice Cuisine & Events

Ny~Unnerved Traveler

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