Yes, I Cheated, and I loved It!

Tales From A Brown Girl, Traveling The World, Trying To Make Something Beautiful

I already know exactly what you are going to say, I really don’t want to hear that shit, I cheated and I enjoyed every moment of it. Pulling in the parking lot, empty spaces, I knew due to COVID few people would be out, and if they were, who would recognize me? I don’t live here, and it really isn’t my responsibility to have any form of discretion, my loyalty is to myself and no other. Opening the door I’m immediately smitten with your smell, the rustic woodsy notes of seasoned tobacco and a slight hint of mint, I smile. A cafe con leche in hand, I head to the patio.

That first hit is always the sweetest, that second pull, deep, what happens next is the euphoria that connects you to a level of consciousness unknown. It never begins with bad intentions, it’s those moments of intimacy that we seek, the communication we miss, and the time and attention that lead the mind and body to wander. Conversation is an art, a skill set that fades as quickly as the level of intelligence and maturity show their true selves. So a deep connection through an exchange of thoughts, words, and ideas is rare. We savor these moments as the time fades quickly with the setting of the Saturday sun, no words needed, I’ll wait. A phone number inside the box of matches, address on a napkin. I wonder, is this safe, smart, selfish……

I couldn’t resist, Java is the type that fits in with any crowd, the accent is international, accepting of all faiths, races, and vibes at a level not achieved by most. It doesn’t matter who he picks up, he will instantly be loved. Sadly your time will Java will be brief, live in the moment, embrace life and receive the message sent.

Often we look for an explanation for every chance encounter, it’s simple, they all teach us something about ourselves and the willingness to be vulnerable with others. So the next time you find yourself having a moment of weakness, don’t question your actions, lean in to life’s lessons and enjoy that cigar!

Yes I cheated, I cheated on my favorite cigar bar in Ybor City and took my hot ass over to Soho. I love cigar bars, I’m loyal to my spot, whenever I’m in Tampa it’s a must, I love the hand rolled cigarillos, the tobacco is from Nicaragua, the roller quite handsome, the family is friendly and always welcoming, vibes on point. But I walked into Casa de Montecristo and fell in love! It’s a definite man cave but with a welcoming atmosphere for a woman who holds her own with a cigar and a dude who can handle her sexy swag!

It’s decorated with plush leather seats, big screens to watch the game, a dope ass bar section and a few easy on the eyes bartenders. I won’t even begin to brag on my buddy (whose name I can’t remember) who escorts you into what I call the “cigar cellar” his personality is infectious. And ladies! I have NEVER gone in an establishment that caters to mostly a male consumer and seen such a clean, inviting bathroom!!! I’ll be back to get all of the information and much better pictures, but here is a start. Oh yea, I cheated, and I’ll be back to cheat again! Much love and I hope you enjoyed my travel play on an affair 😘


Thanks for reading, don’t forget to like, comment and share the love. Have you had a travel affair? Tell me about it! Make sure you check out my previous post I’ve Been Crying Since September. Much Love ❤️

2 thoughts on “Yes, I Cheated, and I loved It!”

  1. OMG I am feeling all of this right now. I don’t know how long my dad will lasted but I’m happy to say that I get to see him now after 15 years of just talking to him on the phone. It’s very hard to process everything that’s happening so fast. My mind is all over the place. Night time is worse. And don’t even talk about 3 in the morning. My mind has a mind of its own. Thank heavens for family and genuine friends. And thank you for sharing.

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