The Best Public Squares in Savannah

Trees full of bright deep green leaves, chirping birds, subtle sounds of laughter and barking dogs, that’s what you will find in the many public squares that surround Savannah. Here are a few reasons why you should check them out for yourself.

1. They are free of course, have a picnic, read a book, meditate, do a bit of yoga, paint or sketch the view, take a nap (I don’t believe in sleeping in public places) romance on the cheap, and drag a few kids down for a lesson.

2. You are a history lover and always challenge yourself to learn something new. Each square has its own importance in the history of the city, look for the markers explaining its significance.

3. For my Georgia history teachers, so much of the curriculum is in these squares, this is much more fun than looking in the textbook, I know you would agree.

4. Take a few minutes to look at the houses and apartment buildings in view, many of them have a story of their own as well.

5. You will want to find a good parking spot or just walk if possible, many are within very close proximity to each other. Or you can hop on and off of the trolley as you see fit.

Savannah’s Best Trolley Tour

Reynolds Square

For as long as I can remember I have been a “Methodist” but to be honest I had no real idea what that meant. I knew it’s the faith that I grew up with as a child, the faith of many of my immediate family members, but where did it originate from and why? As an adult I’m more of a spiritual believer, nature is our connection to the earth, but I still find comfort in the faith that provided so many loving memories as a child. Check out the history of John Wesley here at Reynolds Square, he is coined the Father of Methodism.

Oglethorpe Square

One thing I learned is that the names of the squares and those who may be honored in the square aren’t the same. There may be some information or historical significance in the area, but don’t expect the names to always reflect the person in the square. Personally I found that a bit mysterious, almost as if you are solving a historical puzzle.

A quick tip is to check out the information on the houses and apartment buildings surrounding the square, you will definitely find a few unexpected treats. The serenity here was a space for many student artists, or just anyone who is seeking a moment of relief from the stress of life in these uncertain times.

Owens-Thomas House Marquis de Lafayette

This is a perfect example of why being observant on your travels is like finding a diamond in the rough! Strolling around Oglethorpe Square I noticed this magnificent structure almost hidden by the Spanish moss and shades of the sun shortly after noon. Not only did I enjoy the mansions beauty, I also caught the ghost tour hearse with information on where to call if I desired to be a ghost buster! Now, I don’t know about you, I love roaming a cemetery, but I’m not interested in seeking the company of ghosts!

A court house is another location that usually has some really great tidbits of history past and present. In trying to get a better picture of Chatham County Court House, I stumbled upon this stone in memory of the Great Tomo~Chi~Chi Chief of the Yamacraw!

Wright Square

The names of squares may have changed and don’t always reflect who may be memorialized or celebrated in that location, here is another example. If you aren’t familiar with this history of Tomo Chi Chi the Chief of the Yamacraw, I encourage you to do a bit of research. I have always wondered if the relationship between the Chief and Oglethorpe was as smooth as history would like for us to believe.

No I did not have time to visit all of the squares in the city, but I enjoyed the time I spent exploring these. The vibe was peaceful, welcoming and full of educational opportunities, as well as being free, how could you beat this as a travel destination for anyone, especially students. Don’t take my word for it, get out and explore the squares of Savannah on your own!

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, still short on technology, currently posted up in Florida, trying to catch up on life, maintain her sanity while making something beautiful.

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Ny Unnerved

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