The Best Bloody Mary in Savannah!

The Best Bloody Mary

Huey’s On The River

Who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary? And yes Savannah has some of the best! I need all you non Bloody Mary drinkers to have several seats in the back of the bar with your boring ass mixed drink. Let me guess, you drinking Hennessy, Vodka, or better yet a Mojito, (insert eye roll here) yep boring as hell! Now, several of you assumed it would upset me when you laughed at my choice of drink, raised brow when I said extra spicy, and insinuated that I might as well drink a salad with all the vegetables decorating the top. Sounds like envy if you ask me, you want to take a risk, order something new, see if my okra and celery are as delicious as they look lightly sprinkled with celery seasoning salt, but fear is holding your flavor pallet hostage.

I’m a lover of tomato juice, how couldn’t you simply savor the tangy goodness that has the consistency of soup but the flavor of a collection of your best garden herbs. Imagine my delight as a young adult when I learned that tomato juice could be enhanced to perfection by adding liquor! A Bloody Mary is complex, full of body, style, and we all know she tastes better at 10,000 feet! For all those screaming about the taste, I’m sure you never tried one, so hush!

It’s time for you to start taking risks, try a new drink, experiment with unfamiliar foods, wear the shorts you think make you look fat, call the girl you think is out of your league, because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s enjoy the moment.

Stop by Huey’s right in the middle of River Street, and yes my loves you can get it to go!

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, sipping bloody Mary’s with a smile❤️

Ny Unnerved

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