How I Became The Best Student Travel Concierge In Georgia

Do The Best With What You Have

The best of anything requires a level of consistency that borders insanity. That’s difficult and some might say selfish, but how else do you aspire for somewhat unattainable goals? Progress, small steps, wins, loss, lessons and failure. In my mind I see myself where I want to be, doing what I love, living the life I have seen those who aspire to conquer the world lead. I tell myself, “I’ve been travel writing for years, exploring since birth, educating since 2003, I should be able to figure this out”. But this I have learned is all apart of the process that leads to success and the process can’t be rushed. I have learned tricks along the way, when it was time for the information to present it self and not a moment before.

Many days I set out with the intention to “blog it all” “capture it all” “write it all” and I accomplish nothing. It’s not possible to capture a continent, a country, a city, but we can steal moments and make the best of that experience, enjoy it, and learn from the locals who live it. We can then give a unbiased (at times biased because lets face it some places capture our hearts and leave us emotionally broken when we let go of the beauty that we were blessed to enjoy) rundown of what we enjoyed. Other days I have no plans and I end up surrounded by something wonderful that excites me to call someone and share the experience. No everyone will not share my excitement, they don’t have too, all students might not share your excitement, it’s not required. But did something they saw cause them to see the world in a softer light, have a deeper sense of gratitude, or come to their own decision about life based on their own observations and not what society and their family has forced them to digest? This is the reason I share my excitement about locations with educators and really anyone who will listen, if I can spark that joy and connection in one student, I continue to fulfill my responsibility to humanity through educational travel content.

The Best Student Travel Concierge

The reality of travel is different when faced head on, what we see in the media is washed for perfection, the reality is that some days it’s breathtaking beauty, other days you can’t wait to get back to your hotel room, pack your shit, and go home. You feel guilty about being fortunate enough to see the world, not being able to hand every homeless person you see a plate of food so you keep walking because you feel like if you help one and not the others your act of kindness is pointless. You see children who are abused, discarded, living in squalor, who receive no education, yet here you are traveling with kids who in their eyes are struggling, but here they see and understand what they didn’t appreciate before. In your mind you try not to judge but at times its impossible, you get upset seeing other students with economic excess enjoying a 5 star field trip and you couldn’t get enough parents to pay for a local trip to the Georgia Aquarium. So what do you do?

Do the best you can with the budget given, start with places that are free, just look, they are everywhere, and even in places that aren’t free, discounts are always available. Use your untapped resources, ask who in your local community will be willing to sponsor a trip for your class, the church, barber shop, small businesses and community centers are great places to start. We all know the church is always collecting for a building fund, why not a local travel fund for students in the community? If you don’t ask, how can you expect the outcome to be different. Your most lucrative resource could also be the school you serve, most educators will sponsor a student for a good cause, they will also do it to get them out of the classroom for a day. So ask around before you get discouraged and think student travel is not possible in your neck of the educational woods.

I’m convinced that providing experiences out of the school building plays an invaluable role in educating the whole child, follow along as I show you how to make that happen.

Check out my post tomorrow as we start with a few of my favorites that will cost you nothing!

Remember “I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful”.


2 thoughts on “How I Became The Best Student Travel Concierge In Georgia”

  1. Great ideas and advice Ny. I remember a local church sponsoring a free trip for my daughter to visit and explore HCBU’s here in the South. She wasn’t a member, but she received an invite and got sponsored for free. She’ll always remember the 4 day trip. For this, I am thankful for the community supporting my daughter and so many other students to explore and plan their future educational opportunities.

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