Georgia Covid Unnerved

Martin Luther King Sr. Heritage Trail

Martin Luther King Sr. Heritage Trail was my first local stop after stay at home restrictions were extended. Right off Highway 138 in downtown Stockbridge, you will notice the flags marking the trail. I have driven this trail many days but decided to pay attention on one of the shelter in place days taking a quick trip to the grocery. The first thing I noticed, no cars or people were on the road. But what I also observed was that I couldn’t figure out where the trail begins or really ends. 🤔

I drove the trail and the markings ended right by the train tracks on a road that dead ends but if you get out the car you get the idea that if you cross the road into the bush you might find more information or maybe another location. 🤔 So I turned around and decided to drive the trail and again, focus on the markings leaving in the opposite direction. I kept saying to myself, I must be missing something. Or maybe this trail requires a walking tour with a guide pointing, Stockbridge isn’t very big, what was I missing?

A bit hesitant to get out of the car because of corona, but not satisfied, I said surely we don’t have a heritage trail missing the points of interest! Impossible! Something told me to turn down a few of the side streets, this is really old Stockbridge, little quaint older frame homes, yards full of vegetables and flowers, small roads full of gravel, people waving at the stranger they know doesn’t live in the area, but I do, and in that moment I found the location that provided spiritual nourishment and safety for African Americans in the early 1800’s

My conclusion of the Martin Luther King Sr. Heritage Trail~I really can’t summarize my thoughts and opinions because I feel like something must be missing. The trail must have other places to visit, another site, more information to gain. The trail can’t simply be a place of worship on an unmarked side street, not based on all of the flags marking the trail. I think I will take another look, bring a friend, and try to answer some of these questions. However, if this is the conclusion of sites on the trail, I will be truly disappointed. This can’t be all that’s left for the father of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Stay tuned as the Unnerved Traveler continues the journey!

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, fighting corona and still making something beautiful~Ny Unnerved

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