You Have No Idea

You only think you know turbulence! I’ve been flying since before I can remember, I’ve flown in every type and size plane, I’ve flown in military planes, I’ve flown in thunder, rain and snow. I’ve experienced some awful turbulence but I have never really thought the plane was going to fall out the sky.

The flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel can’t be more than 45 minutes, maybe an hour, shit it might be shorter than that, but the wind is unexplainable. I literally felt like the plane was a kite, it rose and dropped constantly as the flight attendants served tea and cakes. Our guide was on the flight with us and I couldn’t concentrate on anything he was saying because I just knew I was going to find my final resting place at the bottom of Lake Nasir. All I knew was I wanted to get the hell off that flight, I didn’t give two shits where we were landing! Needless to say I had to eat my words, and quickly.

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, trying not to jump out of this plane, but still seeking something beautiful.

Ny Completely Unnerved

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