Fighting The Blues

The heat makes the days seem soo much longer, but honestly I didn’t care. I was about 5 shades darker, and 10 pounds (not by choice) lighter and I didn’t care. My feet were ashy, dusty and crusty (not acceptable to be ashy and black ever) and I didn’t care. Anytime I spend the day laughing at myself and with others, I don’t give a shit about much else. The world we live in is hard, ugly, and it will consume you if that is what you choose to spend time focusing on. In these moments it’s important to return to the things that bring the most joy. Live a life that allows you to smile effortlessly and love deeply.

So in the last 4 days I’ve flown to Luxor, visited The Necropolis of Thebes, Karnak and Luxor Temples, suffered from a heat stroke, and missed seeing The Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatchepsut. I boarded a ship and cruised the Nile into the city of Aswan, there I rode a horse and carriage, and visited the Horus Temple in Edfu. Sailed to Kom Ombo, visited the Temple of the Two Gods Sobek and Haroeris. Found an oasis at the Botanical Gardens in Aswan after a relaxing ride in a Felucca and marveled at the High Dam. It’s the last night on the ship, captains dinner and party, all the trinkets I’ve bought over the week have been delivered to the room, and it’s time to pack up for tomorrow. As the travel blues I always experience started to pang in my stomach, I had no idea that tomorrow’s adventures would be the most challenging but so very rewarding……

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, fighting off travel blues, as my Egyptian adventures come to an end.

Ny Unnerved ❤️

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