Education on The Nile

We like to believe that education in other parts of the world is somehow subpar to what students receive in the United States. Learning takes place in many places, not just traditional classrooms. I was in awe of a young man with Down Syndrome that was adjusting the sails on a Felucca, thinking if he was here, depending on his cognitive functioning level, he would be in a special education program class.

I can almost guarantee that in Aswan, he didn’t have an IEP , classes with two teachers and a para pro, or transition assistance after graduation. Yet here he was, reading the wind, adjusting the sails as needed, and working to earn a living. Not sure if the captain was his father, but what I’m sure about is that he learned how to navigate by exposure. Are you placing limitations on students or your own children based on their lack of exposure? Or are you limiting their exposure to the world to prevent them from deeper thinking? Feel free to share in the comments.

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, learning lessons on a felucca and enjoying something beautiful!

Ny Unnerved

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