Is This Date Night?

The slight sizzle of the hibachi, smoke, and the aroma of teriyaki waifs across the room as I take a seat at the sushi bar. Fresh fish, vegetables, seaweed and mounds of rice are being molded into artistic masterpieces as I watch couples enjoying their cell phones and not the show of the art of making sushi. Why are they not talking, smiling, touching? Why are they both seated, heads bent, giving their time and attention to an electronic device that provides no physical connection to the heart? Why have they entered this beautiful restaurant to miss the moments? The food arrives and it’s more of the same, I look over, lock eyes with them both and ask “are you enjoying the sushi”, in unison they reply, “yes” and return to their cell phones. Yep, I am a bit unnerved here, especially if this is the current state of dating and relationships, at 43, this will not work for me!

Drop a few comments and let me know your experiences out on this dating battle field.

Just a brown girl, traveling the world, out in these dating streets trying to find someone beautiful! Lets connect on social media! You can find me at Unnerved Traveler on Facebook and Instagram, and at Iunnerved on Twitter. Much Love~Ny 

2 thoughts on “Is This Date Night?”

  1. Well…that doesn’t sound like dating. I think couples have allowed social media to dominate their lives. Taking away precious moments…they just dont get it!!!


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