Gone Glamping!

Glamping along the Serengeti seemed like a dream, the visions I had seen on Instagram of travel influencers enjoying breakfast with a giraffe, posted up outside of tents that could rival any 5 star hotel, the vast dry landscape with flowing rivers in sections, sunsets that are endless, why wouldn’t I want take this trip? Well nothing prepared me for the reality of the African grasslands, I guess this is the part they forgot to post, and believe me I was terrified.

Dark can’t even begin to describe the level of blackness I am sitting in once I blow out my lanterns, yes the tent is fabulous, every luxury included, but they are still in the middle of the bush and fully unprotected from wildlife. As I lay deep under the covers, I feel a cold sweat trickle down my spine from the fear of being attacked and dismembered. All I can hear is screaming, not the screams of a human, but the screams of either an animal being eaten alive or animals mating, each moment more horrid than the next. As soon as the screaming stops I can clearly hear the crickets, frogs and the rush of water, but I am not even able to enjoy these tranquil sounds because the screaming begins again. I think out loud “could these be the baboons I saw this morning” but to myself because I decided that I wanted to enjoy a moment of solitude, and paid for a night alone, epic fail. Maybe it’s an impala being torn to shreds by the pride of lions I saw lounging in the shade during the morning safari, whatever it is, I want this to be my last night glamping! Have you gone camping or glamping recently? Share your experiences in the comments!

The brown girl who travels the world, looking for something beautiful is past unnerved in this moment! Much Love~Ny 

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4 thoughts on “Gone Glamping!”

  1. Glamping does sound like fun – I did a sort of camp/glamp thing in the Sahara desert for one night whilst in Morocco – with beds in the tents – it got pretty cold at night though and certainly wouldn’t rival a 5 Star hotel lol, but it was interesting to do it for a night 😊

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