Blind Loyalty of A Narcissist!

I bet you think this post is about you! No, I will not refrain from cursing!

I find it very interesting that the people in your life who are the most disloyal, demand blind loyalty. Let’s not even take into consideration the amount of pain, suffering, bullshit, loss of income, loss of housing, loss of self-esteem, depleted mental and emotional wellness that they brought into your life, no fuck all that, you must remain loyal. Loyal to what, the ideas that manipulative, dysfunctional, unhealthy, angry, unhappy, humans create to justify their behavior?

Sure, I’ll continue to do that, years after I have nothing to do with you or the likes of your kind because I almost ended up in a mental facility due to the constant mind fuckery. Sure, I’ll continue to do that, despite the fact that you created a harmful environment for myself and other children. Sure, I’ll do that considering my credit was intentionally ruined and I am just now able to get a secured card. Sure, I’ll do that despite the fact that my land is still unsold and all of my hard working possessions destroyed as you continue and have continued to enjoy the use of said land.  Oh and yes, the icing on the cake of loyalty, so loyal are we that we not only refuse to sign the paperwork to have a simple, cost effective dissolution of this union, but you incorrectly complete all paperwork intentionally, don’t sign, stall for 3 years, and what could have been a 1700 dollar process split by us both, has now costed me 5600. So loyal are you that you had no problems waiting for the divorce before you had not one, but two different babies on the way.

So let’s get this straight, it is ok for you to treat women as disposable objects, drive them to the brink of madness, poison them against their children, friends, family, provide an environment where leaving their home is the only option, while ruining their credit, forcing them to deplete their savings, make the divorce difficult, and also add another children to the family while still being married? I say in the sweetest tone with syrup on these lips, fuck you.  All the men like you in the world that decided that you can control and possess women like outdated jewelry or over sized rims on a vehicle. Fuck you, and all like you who revel in the destruction of the mothers of your children and the children of others. Fuck you and all like you who think abuse is an indication of deep love and an example of passionate connections.  Fuck you and all like you who continue to invade the thoughts of women who simply want to move on with their lives and create spaces of peace and tranquility for their minds.

Loyalty, I think not!  Ladies you owe him nothing, not your time, not an explanation, not your concern, nothing! You don’t owe him shit but to see you shine in the beautiful light as a reminder that he could not and will not completely break your spirit.  Don’t be afraid to be who you are and share that with the world, trust me, many will and continue to love that light you bring into their lives!

No, this post is not fuel for the flying monkeys to take action, but they always do, so have fun and thanks for reading to improve my views! This post is for all of the women who have had these thoughts and simply didn’t want to say them out loud because you thought you might seem angry, bitter, emotionally unstable, jealous, resentful, psychotic, crazy, bipolar, needy, attention seeking, toxic, and depressed. And so what if you were some of those things or all of those things at one point in your life? That doesn’t define who you are as a person, at times we deal the best way we know how in that moment. We do what is needed to wake up the next day and carry on as best we can until we can do better.

So no, this post is about all of the challenges that many women I have come to know and love including myself have faced and continue to face as they heal from the ties of abuse that bind them. Yes some of this is me, some of this is you, so don’t for a second question the path of health and happiness that you have created, don’t question your decisions, they no longer control or possess a space in your life to have an opinion. Loyalty is like trust, it’s given to those who display characteristics that demand loyal actions.

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, kicking ass and taking names on all men who are determined to prevent women from making something beautiful! Much love and many blessings! Ny

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