I Have Been Silent!

Greetings to my followers, friends and family. Many have asked why I have been silent on my blog and why my usual travel tips and recommendations have been limited. Honestly I have had no motivation to blog, or any real inspiration to do anything but bleach the house and every surface I come in contact with. I have not posted since we went into a shelter in place state of living in March. Yes I know many keep reminding us that this is a time to get your life in order, take advantage of the extra time, build your social media, start a new business, strengthen your relationship, organize your house, invest in the stock market, become a vegan, all while working from home 8-10 hours per day, and assisting children with a full day of academic tasks. Oh and let’s not forget trying to decipher the misinformation being presented on the news daily, the conspiracy theories, the hostile arguments about political party responsibility, the daily change of who the virus impacts, mask on, no mask needed, and the shit show from the government, who can retain a sense of normalcy at the moment?

If I had it my way I would be sheltering in Florida with the parents because I really don’t like the fact that they have to go out at the risk of others hoping people who are sick are staying home and wearing masks, fact is they are NOT. And I did not want to risk bringing any germs home to them on my trip down. Thankfully I am not one of the parents pulling their hair out organizing zoom calls, and trying to teach pre-algebra to hostile pre-teens or fractions to active 9 year olds, my child is in college and all classes for them are online.  But when you live alone, times like these cause you to think differently. Maybe I should have finished that concealed carry class so I could bust a cap in someone’s ass if they try to break in and steal my toilet paper. Maybe I should have bought all that extra food because now I can’t find anything that I normally eat, but I was trying to be considerate of those with families to feed. Maybe I should have moved 5 years ago like I wanted to so wouldn’t be stuck living in a state of silent panic about secretly dying alone while sleeping. No I am not worried about dying, but those are the games your mind plays when you have thoughts filled with fear in times of uncertainty.

So that is where I have been, fighting the daily battle for sanity in a world filled with uncertainty and poor leadership from those at the top. Thankfully I am able to work remotely, it is much more challenging to complete several tasks, but I am grateful to be working in a safe environment, and my heart sends smiles to all those who are essential risking health to take care of home.  With all of that said, I have finally had the urge to get back to enjoying a new form of travel. Sadly all of my trips have been cancelled, and the 20-30 days I planned to explore Europe in October will not be happening either! That was going to be my benchmark for starting off my career as serious travel writer! I had everything planned, upgraded my technology, took a sabbatical from work, saved money, and shit, the world decides to send a virus that prevents the one thing that I live to do! All this means, instead of me complaining about what I am not able to do, stressing the fact that I can’t fly, I need to look at what options I have locally. No, it’s not what I had planned, but what has gone as planned in the last few months? Nothing! So the question is, how can I continue to stay inspired in my current location as restrictions continue to be lifted, and as I begin to feel comfortable becoming a student of the world again?

As an educator, I often analyze what I am learning daily and when I visit new places I pay close attention to how I feel in the moment. If you have been following my blog you already know my catch phrase is being “unnerved”, and since I am entirely unnerved during this global pandemic I decided to take on the state of Georgia as my local project. As I explore the state, I will discuss what each experience teaches me about myself and why you should explore the state on your own, or with family and friends. Georgia has breathtaking sights, border islands, and beaches, a very rich, complicated and heartbreaking history documented in parks, monuments, cemeteries, and local squares. The information is often disturbing to some, and a celebration of history for others. There are places in Georgia where as a black woman I don’t feel welcome, I won’t avoid those places any longer, time to see what I can learn from the experience! Stay tuned as Nyri Unnerved takes on the State of Georgia!

I’m still just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful! Much love to you all, I hope everyone is safe and sanitized. As always you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Unnerved Traveler.

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