The Winery-My Journey to The Biltmore Estates and Back!

The Winery

In keeping with the theme of casual elegance, The Winery at Antler Hill was nothing shy of perfect. Ladies, for those of you who enjoy an evening sunset and a glass of vino, this short post is for you!

Once you have concluded your visit of the Downton Costume Exhibit, head down the illuminated walkway that leads you into a cellar. Not sure who thought it was a good idea to stream lights, but it really sets a semi romantic mood, especially for a couple who might be out to celebrate a special occasion.

Make sure you spend a few minutes reading about the history of the winery as well as learning about the library of wine hidden behind the gates. I found it very interesting that the property keeps an inventory of the early blends and has tracked the development to date.

The Art of Cooperage

Head up the stairs to the winery, wine bar, and shop. No, I did not stop in the wine bar and have a drink as planned because it was packed, but everyone was having a marvelous time. Just imagine a room full of people with silver tipped wine goblets, drinking, snacking on cheeses, and laughing loudly. Make sure you check out the large selection of wares in the shop, they have everything from fresh jams and jellies to plastic wine glasses engraved with the Biltmore logo but designed for safe travel.

Quick Tips

  • Perfect stop for a drink before or after dinner, but make sure you check closing time.
  • If you are a wine drinker, buy a few bottles to drink during your stay, it’s cheaper than buying by the glass at every meal. Hell, walk around with a bottle if you like and take sips as needed, no judgement.
  • Appreciate the beauty of the winery, no, this isn’t a garden, but the design and location is appealing to the eye, enjoy it.
  • Have fun, stop and read the history, snap a few pics, make a video, enjoy the memories and share some love with your friends and family.

No, this isn’t a long post and I almost didn’t share the information because I didn’t think I had enough about the Winery to make the post relevant. In keeping up with my theme of fighting the urge to be perfect, I am sharing the love, just not as much! Even if wine drinking isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the winery with a few non alcoholic snacks and beverages.

May you enjoy many days filled with wine and wonder at the beautiful Biltmore Estate! Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, drinking endless glasses of wine, while making something beautiful.

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8 thoughts on “The Winery-My Journey to The Biltmore Estates and Back!”

  1. The winery at the Biltmore was amazing! It was cozy, lively and romantic all at the same time. There were so many things to try and buy! From wine glasses, to wine, to wine trinkets, and table decor. The experience was awesome and even better with our crew! We laughed and acted up sooo much! 🤭

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  2. I love your first line about the theme of “casual elegance” 😍 even though this was a short post, i thought it was really useful! Great tips, id love to make it there sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

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