My Journey to The Biltmore Estate and Back!

Getting There

Estate Entrance

From Atlanta, the Biltmore is an easy 209 miles. Head up I85 and you quickly cross the border into South Carolina. The drive is full of parks, chateaus, rivers and other spots that are a perfect diversions to the final destination. I would advise you leave early, about 9, make a stop midway for breakfast, and you will be pulling up in Asheville before noon. As you enter North Carolina, the Chattahoochee Foothills Scenic Hwy leads you on a journey 2000 feet into the clouds.

A brief clear moment before the rain and fog set in.

This is a time to slow down, ride the curves, and marvel at the wonder of nature as the mountains kiss the road on both sides of the highway. Stop and stock up on Stone Ground Grits, Organic Apples, and Boiled Peanuts. If you enjoy camping and have time, there are several parks and designated camping spots to pull over, pitch a tent and relax.

Another entrance view.

 Check in is at 4pm, and even if your room is ready early as ours was, take some time exploring downtown Asheville, you will find a plethora of history, museums, pubs, quaint shops, and any type of food scene you desire. Sadly the rain poured, the wind howled and it was freezing, after snapping a few shots, to avoid catching pneumonia, I gave up on my exploration of downtown and decided to save that for another day and another visit.

Nothing prepared me for the magnitude of The Biltmore, the estate is a city in itself. Miles of nature, rolling hills, rushing waters, trees, flowers, animals, and farms. All before you realize that you have not even scratched the surface of the property because the actual estate house isn’t seen from the entrance or The Village Hotel, its 5 miles deeper into the property.

Take a leisurely drive around, you will be amazed, the tranquility, serenity, the instant feelings of peace. I have a tendency to experience mini bursts of anxiety and panic in certain situations but I have observed that when I am submerged in nature, it never happens. George W. Vanderbilt had the perfect idea, to provide an escape for family and friends, a better location couldn’t exist.

Take the journey and experience life on the Biltmore Estates through the perspective of this unnerved traveler! The highs, lows and moments that left me breathless.

You could only know the joke getting this picture if you had been there to see it. Here I was running, in the rain, in the road, up the hill, then down, trying to get a few great shots when there were no cars or people around.
You could only know the joke behind this picture if you had been there to see it. Here I was running, in the rain, in the road, up the hill, then down, trying to get a few great shots without other cars or people.

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, making something beautiful!

Ny Unnerved

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4 thoughts on “My Journey to The Biltmore Estate and Back!”

  1. OMG!!!! When I say that this was a great girls trip! We absolutely had a great time. The Estate, the grounds, the Village Hotel, and the Downton Abbey exhibit were all gorgeous. I am still laughing at Nyri’s hilarious”hill galavant”! Soooo, let me explain: Nyri got out to take pics but the valets behaved like they wanted me to move the car. So not only did we have to move but we could only go one way, the road opposite of Nyri.🤣 By the time we drove around to get back, all we saw was Nyri, laughing and running down the hill to us🤣🤣🤣. But guess what? She got the best pics of that picturesque estate.

    Great Times! Time to plan the next adventure…


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