Boycotting The Holidays

Yes! I said it! Yes I am doing it, I am boycotting the holidays this year. Usually this time of year I have my little cute decorations up, the house smells like cinnamon, and I’ve completed my shopping, wrapped and mailed all cards and gifts. I have created intricate little packets of loveliness for all of the staff in my department and stockpiled all of the ingredients to make holiday candies and rum cakes.

This year, I am not feeling it, so I am therefore not doing it. Yes I sent a few cards to close friends and family, but no, I am not making a million little gifts for work. No I am not searching for the best price on chocolate or buying vanilla and peppermint oil in bulk to make bark. No I am not gonna search the liquor stores for the best price on top shelf rum to soak cakes. No I am not going to search all of the grocery stores and compare prices on eggs, sugar, butter and holiday nuts, nope, not doing it. No I will not open my cake crates and find all of my holiday baking and cooking supplies, hell no, I’m not doing it.

Why you ask? Because I am saving my damm money to go to Asheville North Carolina in January to view the Downton Abbey Exhibit and enjoy a weekend of blissful excess at the Biltmore Hotel and I want to make sure I have extra money to splurge on myself!!!!!!!!! This is my Christmas gift to Nyri! So please, don’t ask me about any holiday theatrics, I am a non participant this year. Much love, and are any of you boycotting anything this holiday season?

I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, boycotting the holidays, trying to make something beautiful in Asheville

Ny Unnerved