Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

For me stepping out of my comfort zone means leaving the person who has been my source of comfort for the past 7-10 years. How could I possibly leave her behind when she has guided my steps and kept me safe amidst the madness? Will she understand my need to seek something new, my desire to leave all of the bad thoughts and anger behind, will she support me stepping into my true passion and purpose? The answer is no, she won’t because fear never supports anything but fear and in order to live a life full of everything, I can’t continue to live in fear.

I have spent the past few months making excuses for why I don’t consistently post travel vlogs, “oh I don’t like the sound of my voice” “oh I am not really going to anywhere special that I can vlog about” “oh every time I record a video nobody can hear me talking”. One excuse after the next, when the reality is, if I don’t practice, have some awful vlogs, I can’t possibly get better. Two weeks ago I made a goal to do a vlog at all of the sites I was going to blog about, and to my surprise I was able to capture a spectacular sunset at the same time. Fear

Looking directly into the camera taking pictures has always unnerved me, that is why I am usually looking sideways. I decided I would also work on staring directly into the camera, especially while speaking. If I want to address my travel audience, I should try to look at them sometimes when speaking, how can I convince anyone to take a trip to a new location if I can’t look them in the eye while encouraging them? Fear

I say all of this to say that fear has been my trusted friend while I was trying to convince myself that I deserved nothing better than my substandard reality. Fear provided a safety net, convinced me that being myself wasn’t the best for those around me, and I am no longer ok with living in fear. I challenge myself to enjoy traveling, share quality information, post good and bad videos and pictures, and encourage everyone to find the sweet spots in the world that radiate sunshine in your smile!

Much love from the brown girl who is really about to show you how to travel the world and make something beautiful!

Ny Unnerved

4 thoughts on “Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. This one is a different kind of post. I like it. And thank you, for this isn’t easy, to write about thyself the way you did.

    Fear no more ! I like your idea to edit some short videos and to place them into your posts as part of any kind of presentation. Great idea ! Especially, because i know you like museums and all kind of cultural things, and this kind of presentation will be awesome. Short, but, nevertheless, awesome. Take care, Nyri, and thank you.

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