Final Thoughts On My First Bloggtober Experience. YIKES!

Not sure how all of the other bloggers enjoyed the month of October, but for me it seemed to steal my joy. I felt like I was under a lot of stress and pressure to develop a post of good quality daily when that is not my usual process. Yes it did force me to think outside of the box, experiment a bit with content and pictures, but I had that awful feeling that I usually have at work when I am under an unrealistic timeline. Having a new consulting opportunity outside of work was a major focus, and I felt like I was in survival mode. I did a great job with social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, but I forgot to tweet (I am awful using Twitter) and I didn’t always remember to share my posts on WordPress. Not to mention the app decided to add to my frustration by not uploading pictures as needed based on my connection location.

Part of the problem is that I am a planner by nature, I am obsessively organized, and that leads me to struggle with doing anything randomly that does not involve traveling. I additionally felt guilty for not being able to read all of the posts from bloggers that I support, but lets face it, we simply do not have enough hours in the day to work, be parents, spouses, lovers, friends, siblings, children, and read all posts. So I will go back to my usual routine of posting as I am inspired based on locations that I enjoy. Yes I thought the experience was beneficial, it taught me to have some ideas in mind for next year so that I can construct a plan and simply have fun. I have learned that when I am not genuinely excited about what I am doing, it shows in the finished product. Much love and many blessings to you from the brown girl who tried but wasn’t really feeling bloggtober. The picture below speaks volumes of things to come!

I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful

Ny Unnerved

3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On My First Bloggtober Experience. YIKES!”

  1. In my opinion, you ‘re doing great, Nyri. And, of course, it is impossible to read all the bloggers you support. There is no reason to feel guilty for this, though. And of course, you will like to test a few new things. This is normal ! And of course, you’ll think you can’t make it with this or that… Normal, also, though. And of course -because you’ re normal- there are some other things out there they want your attention, like your kids or friends, or yourself, or whatever… Normal, dear, also !

    Whoever thinks of blogging as a must do -or this and that- and not as something someone should enjoy and have fun -whenever and wherever- then he/she ‘ll quit, since there is no reason for no one to add some extra stress in his/her life. Which means you should follow your mood, dear… haha…

    A Last thing is how to organize a few things when someone is blogging. I’ll keep this one, the one you wrote about how much you like everything to be in order. Because this helps a lot the blogger to keep blogging. The problem is that is difficult for a new blogger to know what tools to use to make his/her life easier. And many more, of course. I’ll keep this one, though, since i find this important, and i’ll write some useful info to the guides i’m writing on the topic “WordPress”. This observation of yours is important, Nyri. Because it is easy to get lost with all these stuff, apps, social, blah, blah and etc. Take care, and have fun !

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    1. Thank you! It seemed so overwhelming and the minute I notice I am not having fun, I feel like it shows in your delivery. And it seems like my timeline has been flooded with articles about writing blogs, I had to check my followers, seemed like I was being spammed with a million different accounts about blogging, classes, pay this person. I like to read what everyone is going, enjoying, cooking, seeing, hearing, where they are traveling. All the extra was too much and took the fun out of this adventure. So many thanks for the words of confidence, I feel great knowing I am normal lol.

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      1. Yes, you’re normal, dear… haha… And i’m glad i made you laugh a bit. Take it easy, Nyri. Follow your mood, and that’s it. It’s like the diary we had when we were teens. We were writing whenever and wherever, since other things were in priority. Maybe you see people writing like crazy and you think you’ re behind… lol… But if this is the case, i’ll tell that many of them have their blogs in the hands of an auto-pilot… haha… literally ! I assume you suspect what i’m talking about. There are different types or kind of bloggers. Some other time i’ll explain more. I think, though, you understand what i’m saying. Follow your heart and your mood, and that’s it ! You’ re normal !!!… lol… Take care, Nyri.


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