Blogtober Update

Blogtober seemed like a great challenge for the month of October and lots of fun. Being a person who is organized at times to a fault, I stress over planning everything and struggle with displaying perfection. I seemed to be on track to meet my goal until this week.

I had pictures and short posts planned but a new project this week demanded most of my focus. I almost started to feel guilty, but remembered this challenge is not mandatory, it’s fun! No money is involved, it doesn’t impact my life in anything but a positive way.

So yes I’ll try to get myself together now that I am no longer unnerved. And enjoy the cemeteries I’ve seen across the city with some very interesting history and share those sights for the remainder of the month. Much love, and just know I’m enjoying the posts of fellow bloggers even if I haven’t had the time to read them all 💕

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, making all kinds of beautiful 💕

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