Lakes and Loves

Hidden from the naked eye, Lake Peachtree opens along highway 54 in Peachtree City. This area has become the home of Pinewood Studios and a celebrated carefree way of life being a golf-cart community. As you visit, pay close attention to the design of the roads and additional paths designed for walkers and golf-card drivers. Proceed with caution along turns and at stop signs, carts driven by teens often zoom by with little warning, completely unexpected to those not familiar with the logistics of the city.

The lake surrounds private property, but the park is open to the public. In the early morning it’s perfect for walking, has an open covered space for yoga, and room for dogs to roam. The lake is open for use, but only if you are a resident of Peachtree City, yes you can bring a kayak, but remember you might be asked to show proof of residency.

My fellow writers and photographers, this is a perfect spot in any light to write, reflect and enjoy the changes of scenery based on the position of the sun. Spend some time lounging in the swing or sitting on the bank.

An early morning or late evening on the lake is the best way to end a rough week or start the weekend! So get out in nature, take a stroll, sit in silence, and enjoy💕

I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful


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