Two Urban Licks

Looking for somewhere trendy and chic on a Saturday night to hear the blues, and have a stiff drink? Two Urban Licks in Atlanta can fulfill that desire with a diverse menu that’s as hot as the decor.

I usually enjoy a Moscow Mule, and the Salmon Chips. If you aren’t a salmon lover after your first few bites, sorry there is no hope for you. Flaky salmon, chipotle cream cheese, fine diced red onion, and kissed with capers and chives. All sitting pretty on thick kettle chips that hold just enough crunch for added texture.

Try the Wood Oven Roasted Artichoke, it’s excellent, but the Aioli is what you will lick off your fingers. The garlic is pungent, so don’t plan on kissing anyone new tonight 🥰

If you have room for dinner, any of the entrees are a good choice. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the Mac n Cheese that is usually served with the smoked chicken, but the mashed potatoes are a great alternative.

If beef is your pleasure, the Smoked Brisket is full of flavor and tender. It’s served with corn that’s the perfect pair, but feel free to ask for the green beans if you prefer a little green on your plate.

Enjoy live music on the weekends and don’t forget to tip the band. Two Urban Licks is a very dark restaurant and it’s also very loud. This might not be a good spot for a first date because you would be yelling across the table. Drop in with a group of your loud friends or family members who enjoy the scene and aren’t afraid to raise their voices!

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