Dine Alone and Love It

And why shouldn’t you? Why should you be ashamed to enjoy a meal alone and in the company of yourself? You shouldn’t! Yes the world would like for you to believe that everyone is in a relationship, out enjoying dinner while you dine alone like a rejected teen.

Take a minute and observe couples in restaurants during lunch or dinner, what are they doing? Not talking to each other most times, they have their face in a cell phone. I don’t know about you, but I pride myself on being good company, and if a man can’t give me his undivided attention as we share a meal, I can eat alone.

I took myself out on a date to a cute little local spot called Serafinos. I didn’t have to share my food, I was able to sip my wine and slowly make a decision on what I wanted to eat for dinner. And I didn’t feel and stress or pressure to make sure my lipstick was perfect.

Bruschetta doesn’t get better than this, nope, didn’t share and I decided to have a bowl of spaghetti since I haven’t in years.

Juicy Italian meatballs, flavorful sauce and garlic heavily represented in the bread.

So ladies, shut that voice in your head that’s making you feel insecure, trust me, I’ve heard it. Go out and try that new restaurant, see the movie, get tickets to the concert, take the bucket list trip, and know it’s ok to do it all alone 🥰

I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful