This Food is Deadly

The title is self explanatory, food soo good you need a casket once finished. Six Feed Under is a must, especially after a visit to Oakland Historic Cemetery that sits a few headstones away.

Start with the Conch Fritters, fried to perfection, tender conch and just enough batter to make them fluffy.

The Fried Green Tomatoes have the perfect cornmeal dredge, just enough to keep the tomatoes together once fried.

Gazpacho is always a welcome sight during the hot summer months in Georgia. This one didn’t disappoint, full of shrimp, cucumber and lime for added freshness.

After enjoying such delicious appetizers, I had little room for my meal, but the blackened catfish, fried okra and “killer coleslaw” left me in a coma. Don’t take my word for it, drop into Six Feet Under and become one of their walking dead🥰

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