Yuki Yuki Yuki

Something about sushi just makes me love life that much more. Give me a pot of green tea, a bottle of hot sake, and a menu in any Japanese restaurant and I’m elated. Yuki is one of my local favorites that never disappoints. A quick 20 minute drive up I-75 South from Atlanta, beautiful decor, friendly, attentive staff, and most of all a wide variety of fresh, delicious, sushi.

I usually like to start with edamame as my appetizer. Order it minus the salt, hot and steamed, the full flavor of the pods pairs perfectly with sake. This is also an appetizer that will put a little something in your stomach while you wait for your order without ruining your meal.

No, everyone doesn’t enjoy raw fish, but they just might grow to love sushi if you break them in easy with a vegetable roll. For all of my picky eaters, kiddies included, start with an avocado roll and try something more adventurous on your next visit. Yuki has a large selection of vegetarian rolls, especially on the lunch menu.

Throw out what you thought you knew about California Rolls, because this roll is downright sexy, and packed with spicy crab. No, it isn’t fresh crab, it’s imitation crab meat but the flavor pairs well with the cucumber, avocado and you don’t need soy sauce or wasabi. If you find yourself on the south side of the metro area looking for a meal and a great experience, check out Yuki Japanese Steakhouse in Mcdonough💕

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