Blogtober19 Take 1. Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Park

Your first stop on this historic city tour must be The Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Park!

Now let me be clear, please pick your travel time carefully, this is critical, nothing in life is worse than Atlanta traffic. Let me say that again, nothing in life is worse than Atlanta traffic. If you are visiting during the week, plan to venture out after nine. If you are doing a leisurely stroll around the district you want to be gone by three on weekdays or return after 6. If you are visiting on the weekend depending on the activities in the city, anytime or no time is a good time. Just being honest.

Free Parking

Now, if you are driving, the National Park Service has a beautiful parking lot that is free, in the center of the King district, and close to other attractions. If you are taking an Uber, great. You can also take Marta, be prepared for a longer walk from the train station and the streetcar is not a good option if you are under time constraints. Do not under any circumstances use the port o potty located around the park, you will not only be unnerved, but you run the risk of catching an infection from opening the doors. All of the sites have clean, safe, working restrooms.

Be mindful of your surroundings, Atlanta has a large homeless population. Not saying anyone will bother you, they usually don’t, just giving you an honest perspective of the city. Keep a few extra granola bars or fruit in your bag in case you are approached, I prefer to give food instead of handing out cash on the street. That’s a great way to get your purse snatched in any city!

Georgia is a concealed carry state, you will see people strapped and packed, don’t be alarmed, I’ve seen everything from the nanny to granny carrying a gun, it might make you feel a bit safer.

If you are visiting during the summer months, February-November the temperature will vary from 39-109, please pack and dress accordingly. The humidity sucks the life out of you, try to stay out of the heat in the middle of the day and early afternoon. Expect light showers or hurricane strength thunderstorms with cloud to ground lightning that illuminates the sky. On any given day we just might have a tornado, listen for the sirens and the local meteorologists, take cover.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, park your car, spread on the sunscreen, throw an umbrella, a Gatorade and some granola in your bag and head out onto Auburn Avenue and soak up some history💕

I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful