Friends With Benefits

Yes I’m still galavanting across the state of New York, and who knew sailing the Long Island Sound would be my next adventure! If I close my eyes, I can almost believe that I am in Tortola, that’s just how beautiful the scenery is in Huntington Harbor.

Until today I didn’t know anyone who owned a sailboat, much less anyone who sailed. Meeting new people can be unnerving at times especially if they are close friends of your friends, or family. Let’s be honest, everyone doesn’t always mesh, and at times you can feel like loyalties are divided. I’ve learned that one thing we can’t control is people, so, if we vibe cool. A new friend extended the invitation to go sailing and this being an experience I haven’t had, why not! Now yes I’ve been on a catamaran many times, and a felucca, but sailing in an actual sailboat was a first.

I loved the inter workings of the sailboat and how simple yet complicated they are to operate. The importance of the ropes and when to tighten or release, the amount of sail required based on the wind or how smooth and choppy the seas. When to let nature guide your direction and when to crank the engine for additional speed.

The water was a bit choppy heading out, but that didn’t deter anyone from enjoying the beautiful day out on the open waters. Drop a Dramamine a few hours before you set sail and you will not experience any sea sickness. I wouldn’t advise you to eat a large breakfast, but make sure you have something on your stomach. If possible take non drowsy medication or you will find yourself sleeping as your body settles into the relaxing movements of sailing.

Depending on the speed, the gorgeous little city of Northport will be about an hour up the sound. This is the perfect stop to rest, refuel and recharge. A speedboat will tender you from the sailboat to the marina where you will find a restroom if needed. A wide selection of restaurants and cafes await, less than 5 minutes walking distance from the marina. Take a few moments to check out the boats dry docking at a the shipyard and the flowers and trees along the way. If you are a photographer, this is a great opportunity for stock shots.

Enjoy a light lunch, I wouldn’t advise anything too heavy or rich that could upset your stomach heading home. This is also a great time to take another dose of Dramamine if needed. Don’t forget that last opportunity to use the restroom leaving Northport, wouldn’t want you unnerved on that sail home😘

Sit back relax, full sails and a smooth ride back to Huntington Harbor. I was able to now understand the appeal of a sailboat, sun bright, water smooth, nice wind, and everyone is all smiles.

If you love cruising, sailing provides the best of both worlds. Don’t have time to take a full cruise, a day of sailing will fill the void temporarily. Love the Caribbean but can’t fly out, the landscape of Long Island can serve as a temporary replacement.

Stepping into a sailboat was another small step towards walking the path of exploration and adventure I desire through travel. Though I’m not sure about the exact route or location, I know I’m sailing in the right direction. I am thankful for new friendships and all along the way that enrich the journey~Ny

I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful

10 thoughts on “Friends With Benefits”

  1. Wonderful story, dear. Wonderfully written. A wonderful short tale ! You have it ! I know i told you this one before. I had, though, to write it again… lol…

    Now, i don’t know if i should place this article of yours to my “Travel” Magazine, or to my “Stories” Magazine !

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      1. “Nyri’s short tales” is a wonderful title, for a new category of yours, or a new wordpress blog which you can connect to this one through a picture and a link to your sidebar !


      2. 🤔well since I’m planning to try the “blogtober” challenge that could be my next category. I’ve been toying with a few new ideas, but that might be a new one! I’ve been toying with videos so we shall see what I come up with in October.

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    1. 🙏🏿I mentioned the flip board to another new blogger this week who was looking for ideas. You post a bit of everything so I thought it might be a good platform for her once she gets comfortable and starts posting.

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