I’m Unnerved is nominated for the Liebster Award

Thank you, Outosego, for your wonderful gesture to nominate Nyri H Rhodes for the Liebster Award. Your kindness and feedback have been a source of continued inspiration to continue this journey.

Your blog is : https://outosego.com/blog

11 facts about me :

1. I love books, buying books, reading books and the feel of books, no matter how many books I have not read, I keep buying more books.

2. Lavender is my favorite scent, I want to visit a lavender field anywhere in the world I just always forget until i see pictures this time of year.

3. I am always saving or planning for a trip, I take that very seriously.

4. Music from the Caribbean will always make me smile and change my mood.

5. I am an Air Force veteran and I was a flight scheduler before I became a special education teacher. I was also a makeup sales associate (right the girl who lives in lip gloss sold makeup)

6. When flying I think if I fly a good flight in my seat the pilot will do the same.

7. I am OCD about germs, I go everywhere with cleaning products, it’s quite comical because they are usually disguised in a cute little bottle as leave in conditioner. Good thing TSA doesn’t actually test my liquids, I am not sure traveling with bleach is allowed.  

8. I love inviting people over and cooking dinner, the conversation is always great and it feels good when people love your food.

9. As much as I enjoy company, I really enjoy being alone. I can go anywhere alone and not feel lonely.

10. My son is my favorite person, so thankful he choose me to be his mom.

11. I wish we could all be our most authentic self all the time, that allows us to foster the best conversations and human connections.

Outosego’ s questions to I’m Unnerved :

1. If I ask you to go back in time, to remember the very first image of yours in life, how old do you think you are ? Can you please write down the number ?

2. Have you ever thought of yourself separated from this life ?

3. What do you think of death ?

4. Do you suspect that we might be something more than flesh and bones ?

5. How often does it happen to experience the so-called deja vu ?

6. Are you scared of the dreams ?

7. Have you ever thought that we -the creatures of this planet- might be the result of an experiment ?

8. What is your relationship with the time ?

9. Are you lucky ?

10. Are you happy ?

11. What bothers you mostly ?

My answers to Outosego’s questions :

1. 3

2. No, but I feel like I might have lived another life as myself in India.

3. I despise what I consider senseless death and suicide, but I also don’t like for people in pain to suffer. I do not like funerals, seeing a dead body is traumatic for me, I feel like cremation is a display of kindness.  

4. Energy and a true connection to God.

5. I did just this weekend.

6. No, my dreams are usually an indication to check on someone I haven’t seen or heard from in a while. They also serve as reminders to stop stressing.

7. No, but I often wonder what is happening on other planets, we can’t be the only ones having a great time.

8. I wish I had the knowledge, wisdom and courage at 23 that I have at 43.

9. Not at the casino or playing lotto.

10. I am happier now than I have been in years, I don’t think we always know the true definition of what happiness really means. For me, it is learning to appreciate the special moments and understanding that life isn’t always pretty and that is ok as well.

11. Abuse of children and women in any form and manipulation to justify unkind actions against humanity. I think if we spend more time being honest about the awful things that can, have and do happened, we will spend more time working to prevent them.

My Nominees :

1. Chubbynation.site

2. Caribbeanandco.com

3. arosytintedview.com

4. fearlessfemaletravels.com

5. iso.500px.com

6. RTWRoxy.com

7. Pathsunwritten.com

8. Endoandpcosbb.com

9. Cookingwithawallflower.com

10. dtales.blog

11. musebymethod.com

My 11 questions to my Nominees are the following :

1. Why did you decide to create a blog?

2. What is your greatest fear?

3. In the past 5 years how has your life changed?

4. Are you frustrated by the culture of social media acceptance?

5. Favorite method of travel, car, ship, plane, train? Why?

6. Favorite place visited and why?

7. What does a genuine connection feel like to you?

8. Do you enjoy street food?

9. What type of music makes you dance and not care who watches?

10. If you could do what exactly what you want in life what would that be?

11. Do you think love can be unconditional?

10 thoughts on “I’m Unnerved is nominated for the Liebster Award”

  1. Reblogged this on Outosego and commented:
    Thank you, Nyri, for taking the time to answer my questions. An Air Force veteran ! I didn’t expect this one, dear ! You’ re an adventurist for good and for sure, then.

    Your following words are wonderful : “I’m happier now than I have been in years”.

    I would love to ask you about the ‘feeling” that you might have lived as yourself in another life in India. What kind of feeling is this ? Is this a result of some kind of hypnotherapy ? Have you ever been to India ? Do you think you can connect this feeling with the deja vu experience ?

    I wish you : great health, happiness, and longevity, dear.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Since I was a child I have had a fascination with India, the people, the sights, the sounds, and the food! I love Indian food because it’s completely different depending on location. Crazy thing is I’ve never been, it’s on my list though. It might have something to do with my growing up across from a Hindu temple when I lived in Trinidad and I have lots of family that is Indian. I also love Bollywood movies😂I just feel like I lived a former life in India. That will be a trip of many trips! Who can see India in one trip?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Several incidents, dear. Now, i see. I also like Bollywood… haha… Nyri, i like to ask people -when they say i had a feeling, or i felt this or that- to explain, if they can, their feelings. The feeling is an indicator for many things. There are always “certain circumstances” -and depth- behind the feelings.

        You wrote that the very first image that you have of yourself is at the age of 3, and because of my personal statistics i gave a “name” to this category : a bit rare (not rare rare, but a bit rare, it sounds crazy, i know). The most rare is to go back at the age of two. I have only one case. I have a few cases that they say two and a half (they remember vividly). The most common is from 4 + something and above. Imagine that they can go back in time, only, by asking them ONE question. Now, another interesting thing to me is that i’ll get the same results even when i ask a ten years old child, which means a lot to me. I won’t explain more on this right now.

        You already know that i “investigate” Plato’s “certain circumstances”, who said for the soul : “under certain circumstances, you’ ll be able to re + member and to recognize”. The only thing (incident or moment) that can occur to someone and while he is awake -not under hypnosis- to remember and to recognize is the so-called deja vu. When you create some “certain circumstances” -questions belong to this category- you deal with a few limitations. Deja vu doesn’t seem to me, yet, an incident with limitations -and while you’ re awake.

        Thank you, for once again, for taking part on this, and i wish you to get the Liebster award, dear. Take care and enjoy.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Many thanks. Yes it was actually fun, I need to go back and tag all of the bloggers I included, I realize I forgot that step. I also love checking out the blogs that were selected, the 3 sisters abroad are very entertaining.
        When I take that trip to India I will pay attention for any moments of deja vu from my former life LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

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