Arizona Loading

I planned to be organized, intentional, focused and write little blurbs summarizing each day. Though my intentions were genuine, the reality is that it didn’t always happen. First of all I was simply not prepared for the beauty of Arizona. I thought it would be hot, dry, brown, and the real beauty would be seen once I traveled to the Grand Canyon. I am so glad that I was disappointed by my assumptions. Arizona is strikingly beautiful, mountains surround the landscape and cactus surround the highways. Its clean, not because everything is some shade of brown, green, or red, it is just clean. Landscapes are simplistic designs of rocks, a few plants that surprisingly flower, and cactus. I didn’t even miss grass or trees, I did however miss the shade they provide.


The evenings are blessed with a different sunset, at times I thought the mountains were glowing in the hue of rainbows, other nights the sun seemed to scream in your face it was so bright. Don’t plan on sleeping past 5:15, the same sun that sets so beautifully, gently wakes you well before you want to get up especially when you are on vacation. Enjoy the invasion of privacy, its a great time to sip your coffee, read, write and reflect on the previous days activities or the plans of the present day. All of these distractions either aided or prevented me from my goal of “blogging a trip like a professional blogger”. So now, it’s time to get down to the business of organizing photos, looking at the notes I wrote daily in my little red book, unpacking this trip, and acting like the professional educational travel blogger, writer and photographer that I am. Yep, claiming that title from now on!

Stay tuned, Arizona loading and coming soon……..

Ny Un~Nerved

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