Beach Bum & Bellows



Bellows Air Force Station sits on picturesque Waimanalo beach, but it is hidden to the naked eye if you aren’t a service member or don’t know its location. Seems like this portion of the beach is military property but I am not certain, all I know is that it is an amazing post if you have the opportunity to visit. Imagine a small base on what could be considered an all inclusive but rustic resort. No, this is not a Sandals, but you do have multiple lodging accommodation options. You can rent a condo, a small cabin or pitch a tent outside of an RV. The best thing is that regardless of your decision, the beach is steps away and the view surrounds you. Along with campgrounds, and picnic area, take a stroll along the hiking trail, play a round of miniature golf or strike up a game of basketball on the court. The restroom facilities were clean and a small shopette for snacks and essentials is also in close proximity. Bellows is the perfect location for a solo beach day or a Saturday outing with the family.

View before the clouds moved.

What I enjoyed most about Bellows despite the view, the vibe was relaxed and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. No pretentiousness, I was noticing that seemed to be the vibe on the island. Everyone was really cool, laid back and friendly. I also loved seeing the native tattoo art, especially on the women, it was beautiful. I was also surprised at how many people had tattoos on their faces. This is why I don’t believe in watering down culture, why do we feel the need to judge what we don’t understand? Yes I admit there are cultural practices across the world that can be harmful but am I being judgmental from the viewpoint of a western woman? As a traveler and lifetime learner I should take time to understand why the practice is important for that group and maybe I will simply appreciate the beauty of our similarities and differences.

View after the clouds!

Hawaii continued to surprise and excite my spirit of wonder and adventure. Though the day was spent with a friend, most of the time we were silent, appreciating the view, listening to natures soundtrack. I walked the coastline, waved at anyone who wasn’t sleeping, and tried as always to find solutions to what I always feel is an obstacle that requires the perfect fit for my constant obsession with perfection. Waimanalo beach provided no such fix, but it did give me a moment to let my brain wander and appreciate all of the experiences that brought me to this moment.

Until we meet again~A hui hou kakou.

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